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Brett King

Brett King

Co-Host, Founder, Speaker

Brett King is a futurist, an Amazon bestselling author, an award-winning speaker, hosts a globally recognized radio show, is the Founder of the first mobile, neo-bank globally Moven, and in his spare time enjoys flying as an IFR pilot, scuba diving, motor racing, gaming and Sci-Fi. He advised the Obama administration on the Future of Banking, President Xi had his book on his bookshelf, and he has spoken on the future in 50 countries in just the last few years.

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A word from this futurist


I'm Brett King, thank you for stopping by. I'm an International Bestselling Author, Futurist, Speaker and Creator.

I started life as a coder, but I've spent my life working with and advising organizations on how technology impacts the world. I've written 7 international bestselling books, translated into a dozen languages, with 3 more in the pipeline. Augmented: Life in the Smart Lane (2015) was a top-10 best seller in North America and ended up on President Xi's bookshelf during his 2018 national address. I visited the White House to advise on Fintech, and NASA re the world of 2050. I've regularly appeared in the media including CNBC, BBC, CNN, FOX, Economist, WSJ, NY Times, FT talking the disruption of banking, AI, robots and technology impact in general.

In 2010, I founded the first mobile app-based bank account in the US called Movenbank - today Moven is a Banking as a Service platform that serves more than 20-30m users around the world. I built websites and apps for some of the largest banks in the world. During the dotcom era, I led the e-Business practice for Deloitte (Asia), and then ran a premier digital agency based out of Hong Kong, Tokyo, and China.

In 2013, I started Provoke Media (Provoke.fm), launching Breaking Banks, the #1 Fintech podcast/radio show (180 countries/10m downloads). These days, alongside Robert Tercek, I cohost The Futurists - the world's top podcast about future thinkers, engineers and leaders. Over the years, I've interviewed huge names like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Peter Diamandis, Sarah Raskin-Bloom, Aubrey De Grey, Kevin J Anderson, David Brin, PJ Manney, Sophia (the robot), Thomas Frey, Gerd Leonhard and Ramez Naam.

As an investor/board-member, I've advised several high level unicorns, Fintechs, AI, robotics and climate-tech related companies. I meet with Central Bankers, Ministers, and policy makers all around the world to inform on the broader implications of technology and the future. I speak at 100 events a year. I'm also currently working on several sci-fi, futurism and docuseries projects.

The Rise of Technosocialism, is an intensely philosophical book on how AI, climate change and inequality will forever change the direction of the human species - it's my latest bestseller.

Bank 4.0 has been a #1 bestseller on Amazon's Banking bestsellers list for the past 5 years and the Best Foreign Non-Fiction Book of the year in 2019 (Russia).

I have 4 kids, I'm a gamer and a pilot, I live between Bangkok and North Carolina.

The future is what we make it #OptimalHumanity