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Katie Schultz

Miss Metaverse

Katie King (Miss Metaverse) is an intuitive futurist, media personality, marketing strategist, and content creator.

Her early career began in the film and television industry, having lived and worked in New York and Los Angeles, producing original reality television and advertising content for award-winning production companies and major media networks.

For over a decade, Katie has worked as a professional futurist, traveling the world speaking, consulting and producing content, including futurism and fintech related media and podcasts at Provoke Media.

In Fall 2023, Katie is launching the NuHumanity Podcast, exploring emerging technologies, subcultures/microtribes, and spirituality. She is currently writing her first book, Dark Future: Post-Collapse America and Other Cyberpunk Prophecies.

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A word from this futurist


Hi, I’m Katie King, aka “Miss Metaverse,” futurist, intuitive and content creator based in Cary, NC and Bangkok, Thailand. You may have recently heard me on The Futurists podcast or connected with me through the tech community. Either way, welcome to my Metaverse.

In 2012, I started on my path as a professional futurist. This led to consulting and a broad range of content-related engagements, speaking at conferences around the world and hosting multiple different podcasts, streams and YouTube channels.

I branded myself as Miss Metaverse™ long before the Metaverse was a thing. My early work as Miss Metaverse was largely a passion project showcasing emerging technologies, high fashion/tech wear and posting articles about everything from sex robots to Neural Interfaces or BCIs (brain computer interfaces). I worked on an early web-TV project called Awesome Future TV, where I interviewed engineers, founders and futurists from around the world.

Being a futurist is not just a profession for me, as I'd describe myself as more of a natural born forecaster. Foresight and expansive thinking are traits I’ve been gifted with since a young age, and this is what made me gravitate to the profession. When I discovered the career path, a lot of things started to make sense. As Timothy Leary described it, I began to "Find the others."

Spirituality has played a huge role in my life’s journey. Besides my work as a futurist, I’m an empath, intuitive and healer. I believe that bringing together science and spirituality can help elevate humanity to its highest timeline.

Today, my work is not just about imaging a better world, but being a part of a global network on likeminded professionals determined to make a difference.

I’m writing my first book Dark Future publishing in late 2023 / early 2024 and two more are currently in development.

When I'm not debating the future, I’m probably enjoying time with family, binge watching Sci-Fi, going down the rabbit hole researching emerging trends and all kinds of topics, or playing Cyberpunk 2077.

My proudest accomplishment is being a mom to my favorite human in the whole multiverse, my daughter Charlie (aged 11).