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Future Human Traits


Eric Edmeades

In this weeks show we visit with Eric Edmeades, a philosopher, student of evolutionary biology and a former top 10 ranked professional tennis player. We delve into the habits of tribes in Africa and the Amazon and why their dietary habits show good habits we’ve lost as a result of modern lifestyles, and we debate how tech and science might change human biology over the coming decades.


AI for Everyone


Boaz Ashkenazy

Boaz Ashkenazy is the CEO and founder of Simply Augmented. He’s on a mission to equip small and medium sized companies with AI superpowers. Boaz talks to the Futurists about the prospect of fully automated corporations, digitally augmented workforce, and how every company can get started on the process of AI reinvention.


The Genesis Machine


Drew Hessel

In this weeks episode of The Futurists we delve into the world of synthetic and programmable genetics with one of the worlds foremost experts, Dr. Andrew Hessel. We also discuss his latest book The Genesis Machine: Our Quest to Rewrite Life in the Age of Synthetic Biology and how computing advances that led to gene sequencing are now allowing us to think about editing genetics in the same way we program computers. What are the implications for humanity as this allows us to radically adapt our biology for new purposes and new futures? Join us to find out.