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Hacking the Future


Pablos Holman

In this week’s The Futurist episode we get into the world where venture capital and futurism collide, with hacker, inventor and technology futurist Pablos Holman. Whether it’s working on early crypto, 3D printing tech, spaceships with Blue Origin, or early Tesla engineering, Pablos has been involved in putting together some of the most leading edge technology deals on the planet. This week he joins Brett King and Miss Metaverse to talk how VCs and investors view emerging tech in AI, Climate and Genetics to name a few. Buckle up!


The Future of Food


Tony Hunter

In the past, innovation in agriculture lagged behind consumer electronics and telecoms. Today, that's changing. As food futurist Tony Hunter explains, food is technology. In this episode, Hunter shares his view of tech-fueled advances in food production and distribution around the world. Topics include: supply chain disruption, new tech for farming, strategies for waste reduction, changes to food supply caused by the pandemic, the distinction between food security and food sovereignty, alternative proteins like lab-grown meat, vertical farming using hydroponics, genomics, microbiome, cellular agriculture, synthetic biology, plant molecular farming, how computing technologies like artificial intelligence accelerate innovation.   If you’re interested in the future, then you really must tune into the changes afoot in the food industry. As Tony explains, food and drink  are the only absolute non-discretionary items for daily human needs.  https://www.FuturistForFood.com