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Hacking the Future


Pablos Holman

In this week’s The Futurist episode we get into the world where venture capital and futurism collide, with hacker, inventor and technology futurist Pablos Holman. Whether it’s working on early crypto, 3D printing tech, spaceships with Blue Origin, or early Tesla engineering, Pablos has been involved in putting together some of the most leading edge technology deals on the planet. This week he joins Brett King and Miss Metaverse to talk how VCs and investors view emerging tech in AI, Climate and Genetics to name a few. Buckle up!


Regenerative Futures


Marc Buckley

This week Marc Buckley joins Brett for a fireside chat on the role regenerative techniques hold for the future of the planet. As a member of the World Economic Forum and the UN advisory panel, trained by Al Gore on climate response, Marc has a big role globally in policy setting for the emerging future. But Marc also emphasizes the role that each of us has in creating a sustainable world.


Climate Alpha


Parag Khanna

In this week’s episode of The Futurists, bestselling author of MOVE and futurist Parag Khanna joins us to talk about climate migration, geopolitics, real-estate and agriculture in a world impacted by climate change. Khanna is the founder of futuremap and climate alpha, and has worked with the US government, World Economic Forum and others on climate change adaptation strategies and policy.


The Next Renaissance


Anders Sorman-Nilsson

Anders Sorman-Nilsson is a Swedish futurist living in Australia, but he believes that humanity is on the cusp of a new renaissance where humanity finds purpose beyond consumption and market profit. He calls out human systems that are coming to a natural conclusion due to this emerging thinking, including the damage that fossil fuel companies and others have done to our ecosystem in the name of profits. Ultimately, Anders is an optimist but he thinks that human behavior and technological leaps and bounds don't necessarily align, but it's navigating the conflict between our long-held traditions, global conflicts, and climate disasters, along with our rapidly advancing technical capabilities that will define humanity for centuries to come. We get deep on this one...