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Digital Fashion is Booming


Cathy Hackl

Cathy Hackl provides strategic insight about virtual fashion to major brands Nike, Louis Vuitton, Clinique, Walmart and more. She tells The Futurists about the latest trends in spatial computing, immersive 3D entertainment, virtual worlds and the digital style preferences of Gen Alpha. Digital fashion is way, way bigger than buying skins on Fortnite.


Spatial Computing goes Mainstream


Irena Cronin & Robert Scoble

In this week’s show we authors and industry commentators Irena Cronin and Robert Scoble. Their new book The Immersive Metaverse Playbook for Business Leaders gives us a glimpse into the post Apple Vision Pro world with Spatial, AI and Metaverse startups and investments taking off, and the paradigm shift required to move into this contextual world. We talk digital twins, Ai-based assistance in the AR space and how interface design will have to adapt to these new technologies. This is a masterclass in Spatial Computing, join Katie Schultz and Brett King as they host this amazing pair of spatial specialists..