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NASA’s 7 Minutes of Terror


Wanda harding

This week we speak to a NASA veteran Wanda Harding about the future of space exploration, human boots on Mars (and back on the moon, and educating people to be passionate about the universe and exploring our solar system. Will Musk beat NASA to Mars? This week on the Futurists.


Big Picture Futures


Gareth Powell

In this week’s episode of the futurists, award winning British Science Fiction author Gareth Powell joins the duo to talk far flung futures and creating epic space operas from scratch. Powell talks through his process as well as discussing the possible future of humanity, and where we might go next.


What’s Hidden Inside Planets


Dr. Sabine Stanley

In this weeks episode we are joined by Bloomberg Distinguished Professor at John Hopkins – Dr Sabine Stanley – to talk planetary science and her new book. We take a tour though the solar system and then get into the numerous surprises that have unfolded with our recent discoveries of exoplanets outside our solar system. We explore what we might find in a stellar backyard, but more importantly we talk about what we yet might learn about the earth and how planetary systems themselves work.