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DAO Governance and The Future of the Firm


Wulf Kaal

In Episode #7 of The Futurists, we explore the future of the company. Professor Wulf Kaal is an expert on managing community-led Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. He explains how DAOs differ from corporations, achieving consensus without a top-down hierarchy or executives. The DAO token economy provides reputation incentives and identity to participants. DAOs are the most exciting business innovation of the decade: according to Kaal, there are 50,000 active DAOs in operation today. Visit www.wulfkaal.com for white papers and more.


Does Crypto Have a Future?


Bill Barhydt

In this episode we ask one of the OG's of crypto, Bill Barhydt, to join us on The Futurists to talk the 2022 crypto collapse, the merits of crypto and blockchain for the future-world, and how crypto, stablecoins, tokens, NFTs and CBDCs will ba battle it out for the emerging monetary rails of the 21st century. We also debate who Satoshi Nakomoto was, why & 'he'; created bitcoin, and what the collapse of FTX and other exchanges mean for the principles of decentralization that the crypto community holds so dear. https://www.linkedin.com/in/billbar


The Origins of the Metaverse


Tony Parisi

In this episode of the Futurists, OG of Web 3 Tony Parisi joins Tercek and King to talk how the metaverse came to be, and why Web 3 isn’t just about the metaverse but foundational for our Augmented future.